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Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

Product Description:
1.Floating fish feed has a wide range of adaptability. 
2.Floating fish feed can be used in pond fish farming, rice field fish farming, flowing water fish farming, fish farming in cages, and factory fish farming.
3.Floating fish feed can be suspended on the water surface for a long time, and no special feeding table is required for feeding, but only fixed-point feeding is required. 

 Product Features: 
1.According to different requirements, variety shapes of high-grade feed pellets for fish, shrimps .etc can be produced.
2.The finished pellets can keep floating for 3-15 hours without pollution to water.
3.The floating time can be controlled by the puffing degree adjustment.

Q: Could you supply all the parameters about the machines?
A: Of couse. We are delighted to supply all the informtion that you want to know.
Q: How long is your delivery timre?
A: Generally speaking, it is 7 days if the machines are in stock. 
Q: How about the after sale service?
A:  We will send our engineers to your factory for installation and training.

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