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Wheat Grass Drying Machine Price for Making Animal Feed

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

Product Description:
1.The feed pellet machine is a feed pelletizing equipment, which is a one-time extrusion of mixed powdered feed. 
2.The raw materials are dried in and out. There is no need to add water or drying during the pelletizing process. 
3.The natural temperature rises to about 70°C-80°C. It can make starch gelatinized protein coagulation and denaturation, the inside of the granule is matured deeply, the surface is smooth, hard, the length can be adjusted, the forming rate is high, the granule is not easy to mold and deteriorate. can be stored for a long time, which improves the palatability of livestock and poultry. 

Product Advantages:
1.compact structure, simple supporting equipment, convenient operation and maintenance.
2.the equipment can be continuously produced to save manpower.
3.low energy consumption and low operating cost.
4.applicable to large slaughterhouses.
5.ensure the quality of the final product.

Q: Are you a trade company or a manufacturer? 
A: We are a manufacturer, welcome to visit our factory and check the machines. 
Q: How long is your delivery time? 
A: Generally it is 5-7 days if the goods are in stock. 
Q: Could you supply all the parameters about the machines? 
A: Yes, we can supply all the parameters, price, layout drawing, factory design etc. 

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